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Understanding Breach of Peace Repossession in Wisconsin

Posted by Nathan DeLadurantey | Oct 16, 2023

Repossession is a legal process used by lenders to reclaim property or assets when borrowers default on their loan payments. However, this process must be carried out in a lawful and non-disruptive manner. In Wisconsin, like many other states, there are strict regulations in place to prevent breaches of peace during the repossession process. In this blog post, we will explore what a "breach of peace repossession" is, why it's important, and how it is governed in Wisconsin.

What Is a Breach of Peace Repossession?

A "breach of peace repossession" occurs when a lender, or their agent, attempts to repossess a borrower's property in a manner that disrupts the peace and order. This can involve actions such as:

  1. Using physical force or threats against the borrower or others.

  2. Forcibly entering a locked property without permission.

  3. Removing property from a secured or locked location, like a closed garage or locked storage facility.

  4. Repossessing collateral over the consumer's protest. 

Breach of peace repossession is considered illegal in Wisconsin and many other states. It is essential for lenders and their agents to understand and adhere to the laws governing the repossession process to avoid legal consequences and protect the rights of borrowers.

Why Is It Important to Prevent Breach of Peace Repossession?

Preventing breach of peace repossession is vital for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Breach of peace repossession attempts can escalate into dangerous situations, posing risks to both the borrower and the repossessor. Maintaining peace and order is crucial to prevent injuries or violence.

  2. Legal Consequences: Engaging in a breach of peace repossession can lead to legal consequences for the lender or their agent. This may result in civil liability, fines, or even criminal charges.

  3. Reputation: Unlawful repossession practices can harm the reputation of the lending institution or repossession agency. Maintaining a positive image and following the law is essential for long-term success.

Wisconsin Repossession Laws

In Wisconsin, repossession is primarily governed by various state laws. To avoid a breach of peace repossession, it is crucial to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Notice Requirements: Before attempting repossession, lenders must provide borrowers with notice, usually in writing. This notice informs the borrower of their default and gives them an opportunity to cure the default or surrender the property voluntarily.

  2. No Trespassing: Repossessors are not allowed to trespass onto the borrower's property or enter any closed or locked area without permission.

  3. Non-confrontational Approach: Repossessors must conduct themselves in a non-confrontational and peaceful manner. The use of threats, intimidation, or force is strictly prohibited.

  4. Law Enforcement Involvement: In certain situations, repossession agencies may need to involve law enforcement officers to keep the peace. This should be done in accordance with state laws and regulations.


In Wisconsin, as in many states, preventing a breach of peace repossession is not only a legal requirement but also a moral imperative. It is essential for lenders, repossession agencies, and borrowers to understand the laws governing the repossession process to ensure a fair and peaceful resolution. By adhering to these regulations, the rights and safety of all parties involved can be protected, and potentially volatile situations can be avoided.

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