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What to Expect When Working with a Consumer Lawyer in Wisconsin

What to Expect When Working with our Office

Calling a lawyer can be an intimidating experience, especially if this is your first time hiring a lawyer. Here is an overview of what to expect when working with our office:

1. Scheduling your initial consultation: If you call (414-377-0515) to schedule an initial consultation, you'll speak to Ethan Webb. He handles our scheduling. You can also make an appointment online

2. Documents: sometimes we'll need a few documents from you, as it will make for a more productive call. Ethan will walk you through any of those document needs, and how to get them to our office.

3. Initial Consultation: plan on 15-20 minutes to discuss your situation. Attorney Nathan will ask some background questions to understand your specific legal situation, along with answering the questions you may have. During this call he may determine that you have a case; other times he may want you to schedule a follow-up consultation

4. Follow-Up Consultation: you may need a follow-up meeting after your initial consultation. No worries, these are also free, so you won't need to worry. Attorney Nathan may give you "homework" to gather together for this follow-up call - this homework is usually documents or other information needed to further assess your potential case. 

5. DIY Legal Steps: sometimes people don't need a lawyer; they just need to pointed in the right direction and given some helpful legal advice. Your call may end this way, and Attorney DeLadurantey is always happy to assist in this way.

6. Filing a Lawsuit: during one of your calls, Attorney Nathan may determine you have a lawsuit. If so, he will explain how he will provide representation in your case, documents that will be sent to you to review/sign, and how the litigation process will work for your case. 

7. Follow-Up Meetings: over the life of your case there will be times where Attorney Nathan needs to speak to you (or you need to speak to him!). Don't worry, as both Attorney Nathan and Ethan are readily accessible via email and phone to schedule calls. As you can read from past clients, they are both dedicated to effective and quick communications. 


The DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC is committed to answering your questions about Vehicle Repo's, Credit Report/Identity Theft, Auto Fraud, and Debt Collection Abuse law issues in Wisconsin.

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