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DOT Complaints Against Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Dealerships

Filing A Complaint About A Wisconsin Auto Dealership

Wisconsin automobile dealerships are regulated by the Department of Transportation (the “DOT). The DOT handles complaints from consumers made against dealers in Wisconsin. 

You can file a complaint against a Wisconsin dealership, online. Just click here to complete the form and file a DOT complaint. We offer free online scheduling for appointments. 

What Happens After I File A Complaint Against A Wisconsin Auto Dealership?

After you file a complaint an investigator from the DOT will reach out to you about your complaint. That investigator (often called a field investigator) may have questions for you, or ask you for certain documents to support your complaint. Be sure to promptly return their calls and provide the necessary information. These investigators are trained to look into complaints and know what documentation they may need. The quality of their investigation is dependent on you providing them the necessary information.

The DOT investigators can also help negotiate a resolution to your dispute with the dealership. When talking with the DOT you will have to lower your expectation about a settlement. You are not going to get a “big payday” or possibly not even be made whole. The DOT's ability to negotiate a resolution can be much more limited than what many people would call a “settlement.” We often hear the term “settlement” and think of a lawsuit settlement; the DOT settlement can be much smaller or different than lawsuit settlements or jury verdicts. During free consultations we discuss your goals and needs, and the advantages of a DOT complaint versus a lawsuit. We handle the majority of our cases on a contingency basis, so a lawsuit does not mean that you will have to spend more money against the dealership.

What Documents Do I Need To Have To File A Complaint?

Here are some of the documents that are helpful to have when filing your DOT complaint:

  1. Purchase documents
  2. A copy of the “Wisconsin Buyer's Guide”
  3. Documents showing defects or repairs needed on vehicle
  4. Carfax or other vehicle condition report 

While none of these documents are “required” to file a complaint, they certainly are helpful for the DOT to conduct their investigation.

Should I File A Complaint Against a Wisconsin Auto Dealership?

Absolutely. This allows the DOT to investigate and crack-down on “bad apples” in Wisconsin. Without consumers filing complaints the DOT will not be aware of the violations committed against Wisconsin consumers. Do your part and hold dealerships accountable for breaking the law.

Timing is also important on filing a complaint against a Wisconsin dealership. Filing one right away increases the chance of a successful outcome. If you let too much time pass the dealership will use the “well, you bought a used car, and used cars have issues” argument. Wisconsin automobile dealerships often use this argument to try and evade their duties related to the sale of used vehicles in Wisconsin.

Can I Sue a Wisconsin Auto Dealership?

If you bought a used car “lemon” from a Wisconsin dealership, you may be able to sue the dealer. We offer free consultation to discuss your rights. Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey has extensive experience with automobile cases. We offer free online scheduling for appointments. 

We provide representation in automobile cases in Wisconsin, including Racine, Kenosha, Green Bay, Appleton, the Fox Valley, Milwaukee, West Allis, Waukesha, Walworth County, Dane County, Madison, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Superior, Ashland, and anywhere in-between. 


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