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How Much Money Will it Cost to Hire a Consumer Lawyer

Hiring a Lawyer can be Intimidating!

Many people have never hired a lawyer. Just exploring the need for a lawyer, especially a consumer lawyer, can be a very intimidating experience. Most people wonder:

How much do you charge?

What is your retainer?

What if I can't afford to pay a lawyer?

These are questions that everyone has when calling a consumer lawyer. These are very normal questions - and you should not be afraid or embarrassed to ask them. Any experienced lawyer has answered these questions 100's of times, and may even bring them up before you have a chance to even ask.   

Here is some good news about calling Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey: initial consultations are always free - and you can schedule one here. Most of our cases are taken at no cost to our clients as the consumer protection laws require the defendant (the company or person that broke the law) to pay your legal fees. So don't let the fear of the unknown prevent you from exploring your legal rights and options. 

As you can see, Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey has helped countless consumers and they have written about their experiences. If you're still feeling anxious about calling, take a few minutes to read about the comments and experiences of other clients

Even if you're unsure about needing a lawyer, it doesn't hurt to call for a free consultation. Every day we assist clients with answering legal questions - and helping point them in the right direction. We often talk with consumers (and former clients!) that need assistance finding a lawyer for other legal needs. We're always happy to chat and offer our assistance.

In cases where you do need a lawyer (and there's no shifting of legal fees to the wrongdoer), we offer affordable retainer deposits and cost-effective representation.

What if I Live in a Rural Area? What if I can't travel to DeLadurantey Law Office?

These are good questions - and we have solutions. All of our initial consultations are free and conducted over the phone. This is a quick and effective way to gather information and see if Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey can assist you. We utilize Zoom, phone conversations, and meetings near our client's residence/work as cases progress. While we are always happy to have our clients stop by the office, we try and keep that to a minimum (or hopefully your case resolves so quickly you never need to stop by!) so that you can carry on with your normal life. Hiring a lawyer doesn't mean that you have to stop the rest of your life and miss work. 

If you're still concerned or nervous about calling, here are some additional resources you can review:

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Can I schedule online? Answer: Yes, Online Scheduling is available

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What Should I Expect During My Call?

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How to Book and Appointment?

How to Hire a Lawyer at No Cost (for free!)


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