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How to Get your Vehicle Back After a Wisconsin Repossession

How to Get your Vehicle Back After a Wisconsin Repossession

Once your vehicle has been repossessed, the primary questions are: how do I get my vehicle back? can I even get my vehicle back? how much money will it cost me to get my car back? will I be responsible for repossession fees? what if my lender doesn't want to offer payment arrangements? 

How to Get Your Vehicle Back

There are a few options to get your vehicle back. For many loans your lender will send you a letter after the repossession. It will outline your rights to "redeem" or "reinstate" your loan - which amounts to paying the past-due payments and prepaying some future payments. It will also state what repossession fees you owe. This letter will contain deadlines for your payments; and if you miss the deadline your car will be sold.

What if  can't afford to pay the past-due amounts?

If you can't afford to pay the past-due amounts it might be time to consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In simple terms, a Chapter 13 can allow for what functions like a "refinance" of the vehicle loan - a chance to adjust the interest and spread the payments out over 3-5 years. While our office does not file Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, we are happy to talk about your situation and refer you to a lawyer. You can schedule a consultation online.

Am I responsible for paying the repossession costs?

In short: yes, you are responsible for paying repossession costs (that assumes the repossession was legal - read more over here about Illegal Repossessions and Repo Rights). But those repossession costs have to be reasonable. While the term "reasonable" can depend a little bit upon the circumstances, the normal repossession costs are between $350-450. 


Is my Lender Required to Offer Payment Arrangements?

This common question has an answer that surprises most consumers: your lender isn't required (under law) to offer you payment arrangements. While many lenders do offer payment arrangements, this is due to their internal policies (or business decisions) and not a requirement under the law. However, it doesn't hurt to call them up and find out what options are available. 

Should I Bother Calling for a Consultation if I have Questions?

Maybe you're overwhelmed by the stress of losing your vehicle - or maybe you're embarrassed it was repossessed. Some people feel like talking to a lawyer is intimidating - or that they'll get stuck with a large bill. As you can see from the reviews of other people that received a free consultation (or were a client), Attorney DeLadurantey is always welcome to provide free consultations and is easy to talk with. Pick up the phone and contact us or schedule an online appointment here.

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