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Non-Bankruptcy Options if Sued on a Debt

I Don't Want to File Bankruptcy

Many consumers are sued on a debt but don't want to file for bankruptcy. Others can't file bankruptcy for a variety of other legal and personal reasons. If you've been sued on a debt, you have no doubt received a number of letters in the mail from various bankruptcy lawyers. These letters talk about your rights and options to declare bankruptcy. Many consumers don't want to file bankruptcy and want to understand their options. Read below about those options. 

Defending a Debt Collection Lawsuit

There are other ways to deal with a collection case, short of filing for bankruptcy. You can file an answer and demand documentation from the lender. You have the right to force the creditor/debt collector to "prove their case" and show the evidence that you owe this debt. Most bankruptcy attorneys do not handle this type of defense. But you are not without options, as Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey regularly defends clients in debt collection cases. Deladurantey Law Office has handled many debt collection cases or consumers all over Wisconsin, reaching great results for those individuals

What Makes Us Different than a Bankruptcy Firm

A key question you should ask is: what makes Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey different than a bankruptcy lawyer? First, he doesn't handle bankruptcy cases. Instead, he focuses his practice on defending you on the merits of the case. This means he focuses your defense on showing that the creditor/debt collector has no right to collect the debt, has failed to comply with the collection regulations that protect you as a Wisconsin consumer, along with a variety of other legal defenses. While bankruptcy may be necessary for some individuals, call for a free consultation to see if your cases is a candidate for a strong debt defense solution. 

What to Do If You Are Sued for a Debt

First, there are certain timelines and deadlines for you to respond to a debt collection lawsuit. These deadlines are "etched in stone" so it is vital that you act promptly. Gather up the lawsuit and contact Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey for a free consultation. It is helpful if you provide a copy of the lawsuit documents (called the "Summons and Complaint" and provide those prior to your initial consultation.

Identity Theft and Debt Collection

Consumers are often sued on a debt that doesn't belong to them. These are often the victims of identity theft. Identity theft victims often has special rights, options, and remedies in these situations. If you are the victim of identity theft and have been sued on a debt, please contact Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey right away for a free consultation.

We provide representation in debt defense and debt collection cases in Wisconsin, including Racine, Kenosha, Green Bay, Appleton, the Fox Valley, Milwaukee, West Allis, Waukesha, Walworth County, Dane County, Madison, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Superior, Ashland, and anywhere in-between. 


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