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Can I Sue a Car Dealership for Selling Me a Bad Vehicle in Wisconsin

Can I Sue a Car Dealership for Selling Me a Bad Vehicle in Wisconsin 

It is estimated that over 15 million used vehicles were sold in the United States in year 2021; and that number is expected to increase. Wisconsin has almost 500 vehicle dealerships, providing a host of buying opportunities for Wisconsin consumers. Along with all the available vehicles and dealerships there are also many opportunities for things to "go wrong" when making a used vehicle purchase. Thankfully, Wisconsin has robust consumer protection laws to that ensure consumers are treated fairly in the sales and buying process. 

Wisconsin Used Car Lemon Law

Wisconsin has very specific laws protecting consumers when buying a used car from a dealership. We often received calls from consumers wanting to know about "lemon law" and used vehicles. While the courts may not call them "lemon laws," Wisconsin has powerful laws to protect consumers. We offer free online scheduling for appointments. and represent consumers in all Wisconsin counties. 

Mandatory Safety Inspection and Checklist

It is important to remember that Wisconsin dealers must conduct a very comprehensive pre-sale safety inspection of vehicles. During this comprehensive inspection they must complete a checklist called a "Wisconsin Buyers Guide" and post that disclosure checklist on the vehicle. Sometimes people refer to this as the "window checklist." This mandatory safety inspection is required under Wisconsin law, and provides important rights when you buy a vehicle in Wisconsin; it is more comprehensive than almost any other state. When purchasing a vehicle the Buyers Guide should always be closely reviewed.

If you did not receive the Buyers Guide - or received a false or incomplete Buyers Guide, call for a free consultation. We regularly sue dealerships for violating this important safety law in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin Used Car Dealership Laws and Regulations

There are specific statutes that regulate Wisconsin vehicle dealers and protect consumers are found in Wis. Stat.  218. There are additional regulations and consumer protections located in portions of the administrative code, found in Wis. Trans. Ch. 139. These statutes can apply to the sale of used vehicles to Wisconsin consumers along with other potential claims under other Wisconsin statutes. 

Questions About Wisconsin Lemon Law?

If you have questions about a used vehicle issue, feel free to schedule a free consultation.  Contact me today for a Free Consultation. We offer free online scheduling for appointments. 

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