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Police Investigation and Identity Theft Reports in Wisconsin

Do Police Investigate Identity Theft

When a Wisconsin consumer has been the victim of identity theft they often wonder: do the police investigate my complaint about identify theft? Some wonder: will the police even bother to investigate or look into my identity theft reports and issue? These are good questions, as understanding the role and duties of police departments is an important part of the identity theft dispute process for victims. Understanding the process helps reduce frustration, remove misunderstandings, and better assist consumers in identity theft situations. Understanding what happens when you file a police report is important for people to understand when dealing with identity theft in Wisconsin. 

What to Expect When Making a Police Report

Filing a police report as part of the identity theft dispute process is an important step for consumers. Filing the police report helps on several fronts. First, it serves as an important piece of evidence that is used as part of filing a dispute the the credit bureaus. Such a report allows the credit bureaus (read here, about how to receive a copy of your free credit reports) to understand the basis for the dispute. Second, it allows consumers to document the evidence associated with the identity theft issues and ensure that all evidence is clearly documented and preserved. Third, it allows law enforcement to have the information necessary to conduct a possible investigation into the identity theft.

When they receive the report of identity theft there are several ways the police may handle the matter. Often the victims of identity theft do not know who committed the illegal act of identity theft. In these situations the identity thief may not be in the jurisdiction of the law enforcement, or even within the county. This makes it very difficult for law enforcement to take any action in connection with the report. Other times the identity thief is clearly outside the country and recovery or enforcement may be almost impossible for law enforcement. When the identity of the thief is known, and they are local, the chances of the police launching an investigation are greatly improved. Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey has worked with consumers where the identity thief has been located and prosecuted. Filing a police report is an essential action for consumers to take, so that law enforcement have all the possible information to coordinate and prosecute those who break the law. 

How to File a Police Report

Identity theft has become a frequent occurrence. Data breaches, online transactions, hacking, or relatives stealing identities are some of the major causes of identity theft. And sometimes identities are sold on the "dark web" for people to purchase and misuse. Because they are becoming so common, police departments usually have a defined and relatively easy process for getting a report. Call your local police department and let them know you have been the victim of identity theft, and need a police report. They may have you come to the station to meet with an officer; but many police departments conduct and complete the report over the phone. A report and a report number will be issued by the police department; make sure you get a copy of the report and keep a copy in your permanent records. 

Questions About Police Reports and Identity Theft?

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