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Used Car Lemon Law in Wisconsin

Used Car Lemon Law

Wisconsin has very specific laws protecting consumers when buying a used car from a dealership. We often received calls from consumers wanting to know about "lemon law" and used vehicles. While the courts may not call them "lemon laws," Wisconsin has powerful laws to protect consumers. We offer free online scheduling for appointments. 

Mandatory Safety Inspection and Checklist

Dealers must conduct a very comprehensive pre-sale safety inspection of vehicles. During this comprehensive inspection they must complete a checklist called a "Wisconsin Buyers Guide" and post that disclosure checklist on the vehicle. This mandatory safety inspection is required under Wisconsin law, and provides important rights when you buy a vehicle in Wisconsin; it is more comprehensive than almost any other state. When purchasing a vehicle the Buyers Guide should always be closely reviewed.

If you did not receive the Buyers Guide - or received a false or incomplete Buyers Guide, call for a free consultation. We regularly sue dealerships for violating this important safety law in Wisconsin. 

Pulled Off the Lot and the Car Broke Down

You purchased a used car - and as you're driving it home, it breaks down. This happens more often than you would think. Consumers are pressured into the purchase, given a quick test drive around the dealership, and sent on their way. The first time the vehicle really heats up - or hits the freeway - it breaks down. What do you do in that scenario? These facts often indicate your rights have been violated in the process and you have a claim against the dealership. Call for a free consultation and we'll go over the purchase documents and breakdown. Our office has extensive experience with these types of cases. 

My Documents State "As-Is" on Them?

Dealers like to write the words "as-is" on contracts. That doesn't mean dealers are not required to conduct the safety inspection and disclose the defects on the vehicle. It just means there is no additional warranty on the vehicle. Our office has handled many cases for consumers with the phrase "as-is" on the contract documents. Dealers write these words on the contracts to scare you from complaining about defects and to bully you into going away when confronted with problems. Stand up for your rights and give us a call for a free consultation

Undisclosed Accidents

You are going to trade-in your car and purchase something different. Imagine the surprise when the dealer tells you that because your car has been in a previous accident it is worth less money. You were never told about an "accident" when you purchased the vehicle. The dealer shows you a "car history" report that lists an accident. Were you ripped off? Do you have rights against the place that sold you the car?

Undisclosed accidents - especially undisclosed frame damage - can be a major safety and resale issue. Your rights will depend on the type, location, and severity of the damage. We can go over the report and issues together. If your rights were violated and you were sold a "bad car" by the original dealership, we can discuss how to bring a case against them. Some accident damage can be severe enough that vehicles become unsafe to drive! Call and schedule a free consultation. We offerfree online scheduling for appointments. 

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