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FAQ - Lemon Law in Wisconsin

 Is my car a lemon?

  1. You purchased a new car,
  2. A defect seriously harming the use, safety, or value of the vehicle occurs,
  3. Within the first year,
  4. And the dealer failed 4 times to fix the defects, OR
  5. You could not operate the vehicle (“out of service”) for 30 days or more due to defects

Can you file for a “lemon law” on a new car? 

Yes, you can. It involves documenting the defects, repair attempts, and then following the statutory requirements on providing the manufacturer and opportunity to “fix” the situation – involving either providing a new vehicle or buying back your lemon.

Can you file for a “lemon law” on a used car?

New car “lemon laws” do not apply to used cars. However, under Wisconsin law you may have similar rights related to used car purchases from Wisconsin dealerships.

How do I know if my (new) car is a lemon?

Your vehicle has been back to the dealership for the same defect 4 times, or has been out of service for 30 days or more.

How do I know if my (used car) is a lemon?

If your car broke down while driving home from the dealership, or has other major defects (like undisclosed frame damage, or a replaced engine), you may have a used car lemon.

What happens if I bought a lemon?

Keep all the documents from your purchase and repairs. Take notes from all phone or in-person conversations. Discuss your case with a lawyer. You may be entitled to a new car, money for your losses, and/or other damages from the manufacturer or seller. 


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