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Trespass by Repo Agent in Wisconsin - Is it Illegal?

Can a Repossession Agent Enter My Private Property or Land?

Yes, a repossession agent can enter your property to repossess your vehicle. But he cannot open locked/latched gates, or enter a closed space (like a garage). Basically, he can repossess the car if it's sitting in your driveway. If you think they repossession agent may have "gone too far," call for a free consultation, or schedule online


Isn't it Trespassing to Enter Private Property? 

Generally speaking it is trespass to enter private property without permission. However the law “carves out” a space for repossession agents, allowing them to enter a property for the limited purpose of conducting a repossession. But again, they cannot enter a locked garage or closed space, or even unlatch a closed gate to do the repossession.


Can I Sue a Repo Man for Trespassing on My Property?

There are times when you can sue a repossession agent for trespassing. Attorney Nathan DeLadurantey represented clients' with such a claim, resulting in a $300,000+ verdict. Bringing a claim for trespass will depend on the facts of your case and is a topic covered in our free consultations.

What if the Police Allow the Repo Man onto My Land?

 Police have a very limited role (if any at all) in the repossession process. You can read more on this topic, here.

Does the Repo Man Have to Show Me Any Paperwork?

If you have protested the repossession (read more here, about how to protect your rights), the repo agent should have left. If you're engaging in a debate about paperwork, you may have a claim for a wrongful repossession. Call for a free consultation, or schedule here.

There's no technical requirement for the repo agent to provide you with a copy of the repossession paperwork. Most of the “paperwork” is digital these days, so at best the repo agent will have something on his phone or a tablet to show you. The information you see (if he'll even show it to you) probably won't look like much – and just appear to be some information about the identity of your vehicle.

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