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Medical Billing and Collection Issues in Wisconsin - surprise medical billing practices

Balance Billing 

Balance billing is often referred to as "surprise medical bills." You may have received a collection letter or billing statement that was unexpected. Your insurance company was “supposed” to cover and pay the medical services you received. These billing statements and collection letters catch consumers by surprise. A call to the agency results in the consumer being told that the medical provider is collecting the balance/difference between what the medical provider charged and what the insurance company paid for the service.

Is “Balance Billing” Legal in Wisconsin?

Balance billing can be illegal if your provider is a preferred provider under the law. But just because the conduct is illegal, doesn't mean it never occurs. As a consumer you have specific rights and remedies under the law when you are the victim of these illegal practices

What you can do about “Balance Billing”

First, gather up your documentation. Second, contact our office for a free consultation. You have specific legal rights and remedies under the law. It is important you promptly act on these issue in order to exercise your legal rights and protect yourself.

Documents for your Initial Consultation

Here are some of the documents that are helpful to send to our office in advance of your free initial consultation:

  1. Collection/billing letters
  2. “EOB” (explanation of benefit) letters
  3. Denial letters by insurance company
  4. Payment of claim letters by insurance company

What to Expect During a Free Consultation

  1. We're easy to talk to. And don't take our word for it, check out our reviews here
  2. We'll discuss the status of your situation, your documents, and your legal rights

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