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Nathan likes to meet new people and clients. During your initial consultation (always free) you'll talk about the facts of your situation, the legal options that may exist. From there, he'll work to see if there's a way to help. He has handled consumer protection cases - and jury trials - all over the state. Nathan and his paralegal (Ethan Webb, who will likely help you schedule the call) welcome your questions and calls. 

Nathan's passion is representing consumers and litigating cases. He will take the time to listen to your story, outline a plan of attack, and your next steps from there. If you're not sure what type of lawyer you need, or if Nathan will be able to handle your case, just call and find out. It's a free phone consultation away. Nathan regularly represents consumers in matters involving automobile repossessions, identity theft, credit reporting errors, debt collection, debt collector harassment, auto fraud, and general consumer issues

Nathan is one of the few lawyers that has taken consumer law cases all the way to trial, and his clients have received large jury verdicts. When interviewing lawyers it is important to find out if they are willing to take your case to trial. While many cases settle short of trial, Nathan enjoys presenting your case to a jury and allowing his clients to receive their day in court. 

Nathan is licensed to practice law in the states of Wisconsin and California (inactive), as well as the Eastern District of Wisconsin, the Western District of Wisconsin, the Southern District of California, and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. He has also been admitted pro hac vice in the Southern District of Florida and the District of West Virginia. Nathan has lectured numerous times, including national, regional, and local continuing education events. He is a recognized authority on consumer law issues. Nathan has received awards from the Eastern District Bar Association for his pro bono contributions to the legal community, and the Wisconsin Law Journal for his work on consumer credit cases.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys Crossfit, hiking with his family, and reading a good book.  

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  • Excellent lawyer would recommend to everyone

    Extremely good lawyer. Took care of everything for us and we had very little things we had to do or take care of. Very quick to respond to messages. Also very nice and friendly and efficient.
  • Professionalism, compassion and knowledge

    2010 was a catastrophic year for our family -- my husband lost his job and had emergency surgery. We subsequently got buried under credit card and medical bills and were unable to make our mortgage payments. When we went to see Nathan we were at the end of our rope -- scared, hopeless and fairly ...
  • Absolutely wonderful!

    What can we say about Nathan...he is WONDERFUL! He was so compassionate to our extremely embarrassing and stress filled financial situation. He reassured us, comforted us, and educated us through one of the most difficult times in our lives. We would HIGHLY recommend Nathan to anyone; friend, fam...
  • Rochelle DuPlanty

    Attorney DeLadurantey tells it to you straight. I have dealt w/ lawyers before and Nathan is far above them. It is refreshing to see someone so passionate about his work. He not only knows his business, but cares about you.
  • It's nice to know someone cares

    I am in real estate, well those of you in real estate know its not easy to function when your ship is sinking. Nathan was recommended to me from two other investors, both spoke very highly of him. When I came to Nathan with my problems, he took the time to answer all my questions and treated me w...
  • A lawyer with integrity, compassion, knowledge, with a Team that gets things done!

    I am currently using Nathan as my attorney. He treats me like I am his only client. Nathan never once procrastinated, he is very knowledgeable, and knows the in's and out's of the law to make the process simply and understandable. The team at his firm goes way above and beyond, I have dealt with ...
  • Above and Beyond! An Outstanding Person and Attorney

    In all the times I have had to deal with an attorney, Nathan was truly amazing. Filing for bankruptcy is a hard decision to make, it leaves a person with guilt and ashamed feelings. Nathan sat right down next to me, explained everything to me, and told me exactly what would happen, what I needed ...
  • Foreclosure

    I was in need of advice regarding foreclosure and unlike many others out there, Nathan was extremely responsive and able to answer all my questions within a matter of hours! Would definitely recommend his services.
  • College Debt Issue

    Nathan and his team are awesome, I have never, ever been treated with more respect. They are truly a class act. I was in a hard situation and they took care of me and made no excuses. Great People.
  • Peace of Mind

    Nathan and his team gave me peace of mind during a recent foreclosure. As I had never experienced such a situation before and was facing limited options of responsibly moving on with my life, Nathan had put me at ease when he explained that my situation in fact was not as terrible as I imagined i...
  • Assistance with Chapter 7

    As a client of Nathan D. I was satisfied with the legal services and the outcome legaly. What we liked was that what was told up front regarding the process was correct and transpired like so. There is nothing we did not like. Personable and honest.
  • Competent & Caring Legal Advocate

    I was poking around some debtor message boards looking for some general information on suing creditors. I sent Nathan, and several other attorneys, a message requesting some basic guidance. Not only was Nathan the only attorney to respond to my message, he responded within 24 hours! He gave me hi...
  • I highly recommend Nathan DeLadurantey

    When our house went into foreclosure we received numerous letters from local attorneys. After consulting with 4 different attorneys we chose Nathan DeLadurantey. Nathan and his staff were always very professional, compassionate and prompt. Going through foreclosure and ultimately bankruptcy was o...
  • Very polite and respectful

    Was very professional on the phone. Did a consult and made me feel like there is still a chance to solve my legal matters. Willing to look at the information I have. Not like other attorneys who have turned me away after hearing my story.
  • Outstanding is an understatement

    Was in a really bad situation that was effecting our living situation when I was referred to Nathan. After 4-5 days of calling, spending hours on the phone each time trying to resolve an issue that just resulted in nothing happening a long with mocking, unprofessional comments from a company, Nat...
  • Nathan was a life saver to say the least

    Our lender referred me to Nathan for a problem I was having with Verizon, with a few phone calls and some good words from Nathan we were able to solve the problem and move forward. Nathan helped tremendously, wouldn't of known what to do without him...Thanks so much Nathan
  • Thank you Nathan!

    I had a case that was a nightmare. A private student loan that would not go away. I paid it. They said I didn't. It was so old that I had no records anymore of the payments without spending hours and hours on the phone with the bank. I called Heidi and Nathan after a very large law firm came afte...
  • Grateful for efforts

    I was referred to Nathan for legal assistance on a consumer contract on a new auto, which unexpectedly fell through. I lost my job just a couple weeks after signing the purchase agreement, I returned the vehicle to the original dealership & given my loss of employment, the potential lien holder d...
  • Personal, professional, and comfortable

    Nathan was prompt in every sense of the word. His professionalism kept me feeling confident and positive in our choices and directions. He is extremely personable. Ilene got treated as an equal no matter what the outcome would be. He was efficient and clear in the process and steps. Most importan...
  • He is Awesome!

    After talking with Nathan about another issue I had, he actually identified where a vendor tried to get over on me. I had no idea and next thing you know we won the case! Talk about unexpected! He was awesome!
  • Knowledgeable - Friendly - Detail Oriented

    I spoke to several attorneys about my case. It was complex - to say the least. Attorney Deladurantey (Nathan) was able to provide me with solid advice and explain to me my options without any pretense or alterior motives. He listened to me without interrupting me and seemed to have a genuine des...
  • Excellent results

    Nathan accomplished in 2 contacts what I tried to get done in 8 months with no success. Very thankful for his time
  • A fighter for your rights is hard to find

    I was being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates for a debt I did not incur. I went to court on my own and the judge basically ignored all of my arguments that I was a victim of credit card fraud. They actually ruled in favor of Portfolio Recovery Associates. I then reached out to Nathan E. DeLa...
  • Helpful and kind

    Everyone I interacted with was very reassuring and prompt with answering my questions. The suit was a creditor with unproven claims on a debt against me.
  • Amazing Lawyer!

    When I went to buy my house last year I discovered that a medical collection was on there that shouldn't have been. Not only was Nathan successful with my case he was also very prompt with responses, very professional and very informative. I would highly recommend Nathan!
  • The best Consumer protection, Debt collection, Credit repair Lawyer

    Nathan was simply the best. He was easy to talk to and he listened to every one of my concerns. Nathan cares about his clients. Nathan is very straightforward and he always follows up with you. He never missed a scheduled meeting and he always took my calls. What I especially liked about Nathan w...
  • Law is Their Second Language

    Nathan and his paralegal, Ethan did superb work on my case. They work very fast, professional, and LAW is their second language; excellent work knowledge and flow. Most importantly they kept me in the loop, made me feel comfortable, and confident! I would strongly recommend them to everyone!
  • Courteous and Honest

    Nathan did a great job assisting me, and quickly answered my questions, he was more than willing to speak at length about the issue I had and it was resolved in less than a week.
  • Very Professional, Kind, Polite

    Working with Nathan was a great experience. He was very patient, took the time to explain things to me, and offered helpful insight. He never made me feel as if he was too busy to help and I really appreciate that level of professionalism. Having the need to contact a lawyer for the first time - ...
  • Blessed

    I went to Mr. DeLadurantey in tears for what the dealership had done to me. He assured me then we will get this taken care of. Mr DeLadurantey worked hard on my case and kept in contact with me. I appreciate his hard work n dedication.
  • Best of both worlds; Professional and personable.

    I was at the end of a personally traumatic year when I sought out consultation with Nathan DeLadurantey, Esq & his office. Compounding that was an erroneous financial burden that I was tirelessly attempting to resolve, with no success. Having never sought legal counsel before, I was really unawar...
  • I almost got taken advantage of till I met Mr.Deladurantey

    Mr.Deladurantey was very knowledgeable on my case and was swift and quick with noticing the wrong doing a nother lawferm was doing to me. He was amazing and wonderful with taking my case and handled everything and explained everything very easy to me that I understood it I highly recommend him
  • Honored

    Nathan did what was necessary to find the truth. I would recommend Nathan without hesitation for his professionalism and dedication. I am proud to say he was representing me.
  • Excellent Service

    I have been working with Atty Nathan & Ethan for a few months and their service has been outstanding. The timely manner they gotten back to me with information on my cases are wonderful. Nathan & Ethan have always kept me in the loop with what's going on with my claims. I am very grateful for the...
  • Great Guy and Lawyer

    Mr. DeLadurantey was always in contact with me throughout the case. He is very friendly and knowledgeable and got results. He helped me get a settlement. I will go to him if I ever need help in the future.
  • Charlie

    I filed for chapter 7 and hired a very well know law firm to filemy petition. When contacted by debtors they were advisedI as represented by the firm all was fine. However onecollection agency refused to cooperate.My bankruptcy attorney suggested that i contact DeLaduranteylaw office. Attorney De...
  • Excellent Representation for Difficult Times

    I've consulted with and hired Nathan on two different occasions. His consultation manner is friendly but matter of fact. He declined on one case and directed me on how to handle it myself in an expedient and efficient manner. On my second case he was hired and exceeded my expectations while keepi...
  • Good person

    Helped me win a case, when no one else would. He was thorough and caring about me as a person and how I felt in addition to the case.
  • High Ethical Standards

     was very impressed with the kindness and consideration displayed by Nathan in the investigation of a possible case of automobile fraud. Nathan offered his expertise and support from our very first contact. My initial good impression of him was confirmed in our appointment. He made the right ques...
  • Very good service

    Nathan was very helpful and explained everything in detail which made me better understand what I was going through !
  • Most helpful attorney I could ask for

    Nathan is very friendly and quick to respond! I had received a collection letter from a really old debt and it went from one letter addressing the debt to garnishment letters. I was scared and had no idea what to do, I looked online and everything lead to contacting a attorney. I called a few in ...
  • Car dealership issue

    Nathan provided a consultation for me regarding an issue with a new vehicle purchase and the dealership asking for more money a few weeks after we received the vehicle. Nathan was easy to reach the same day and provided me with excellent legal advice. He is very knowledgeable. Would give him the ...
  • Very professional and willing to help

    Nathan was extremely helpful and professional just through the consultation and subsequent e-mails. Fortunately, the mistake from the creditor was verified and everything worked out. However, I know who I'll hire in the future if I need to hire a consumer protection attorney.
  • He's as good as his reviews indicate!

    Mr. DeLadurantey, replied quickly, called me back fast and was very professional and kind with his advice. I chose him on this site due to his review record and he lived up to those high expectations. I'd definitely recommend Nathan.
  • No Nonsense Legal Representation that Delivers Results

    Nathan is an insightful and efficient attorney that understands how to deliver results in a time and cost-effective manner. My case involved a claim for monetary damages against a business resulting from a multi-year product/services transaction. During my first meeting with Nathan, he was very c...
  • Did the impossible.

    We had paid off our mortgage with a lender but they refused to acknowledge that it had been fully paid which was causing a number of problems in our life. This refusal to acknowledge went on for months even though we had a different lawyer working with them. At some point, the other lawyer recomm...
  • Car

    When I first came in contact with Nathan I was welcomed with open arms from all of the staff and he took the time to listen to my story and figure things out. The process was quick to get started and he was very clear about what was needed and how the whole process would go. He was very quick and...
  • Highly recommend

    I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone seeking legal representation. Nathan and his team took the time to listen and review my complicated Auto Fraud situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. While working with Nathan , I felt as though my situation was in...
  • Honest and ethical

    Attorney DeLadurantey was very honest with me. His candor after evaluation of a challenging situation was demonstrated with both his alacrity and acumen. There was no fiduciary benefit to him, yet he researched my situation and advised that, given my situation, there was no merit for a lawsuit. I...
  • First Rate

    Nathan took my financial/legal issues in hand, and provided me with more than satisfactory resolution. He and his assistant Ethan are very efficient and excellent communicators. At first I thought the hourly rate seemed rather high, but the billing was by the 1/10th of an hour, and I was obviousl...
  • Consumer

    Contacted online with very prompt response. After providing the documents a meeting was scheduled in a short period of time and was provided with his opinion. Consultation avoided unnecessary future waste of time and stress. Very pleasant and thorough. Will definitely hire should a future need ar...
  • D. Jamison

    I was sold a lemon by J.D. Byrider and they gave me the run around for almost 2months. Until I started to speak about a lawyer and suing. Nathan was quick and told me exactly what to say when I went back to the dealership. I was released from my what would have been 4year contract and given all m...
  • Mechanical/ Electrical Assembler

    This lawyer is one of the best. He fought hard to correct my credit report which contained the wrong information and also helped remove my bankruptcy. THAT WAS HUGE. I was going through a lot of mental stress because of this. Nathan is definitely great at what he does. I would definitely hire him...
  • True Professional

    Mr. DeLadurantey is a true, caring, and highly knowledgeable professional. Within 30 minutes of reaching out to his firm, I was contacted by his paralegal Mr. Webb. Within an hour after speaking with him and sending additional information, I received a call from Mr. DeLadurantey. He patiently too...
  • Kristina

    Attorney DeLadurantey was an amazing help with our issue, knowing full well that a lawsuit would be a long shot. Most attorney's wouldn't even consider an RV case, but he took the time to explain the law in detail and guide me through the entire process (battle) with the company. He educated us o...
  • Gina Recommends Nathan DeLadurantey

    I came to Nathan looking for help with a vehicle repossession after suffering, perhaps the worst year of my life professionally. The lien holder of my vehicle loan didn't contact me before taking our only form of transpiration while my children and I were sleeping. After reading an extremely help...
  • Maya Recommends Nathan DeLadurantey

    I contacted Attorney DeLadurantey about a debt collection matter which I was concerned was a scam. He went above and beyond during what others would have treated as a simple consultation.He educated me about similar schemes that he's aware of and informed me about how to proceed and protect my in...
  • Kristin M. Recommends Nathan DeLadurantey

    We contacted Nathan because of a deceitful sale of a travel trailer that we purchased through a local dealer. We were having issues getting our money back and contacted Nathan. He spent a half hour talking us through our options and next steps. We ended up not needing to move forward with Nathan ...
  • Anonymous Recommends Nathan DeLadurantey

    Attorney DeLadurantey was an amazing help with our issue, knowing full well that a lawsuit would be a long shot. Most attorney's wouldn't even consider an RV case, but he took the time to explain the law in detail and guide me through the entire process (battle) with the company. He educated us o...
  • Anonymous Recommends Nathan DeLadurantey

    First experience with a lawyer and Nathan over exceeded my expectations. He was very responsive to all my matter how trivial. He would call me just to make sure I had an answer before he headed home. He was professional...and super honest. He let me know the expectations I should h...


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